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There are many government schemes in Andhra Pradesh, Just recently AP Government has initiated a scheme which is called YSR Navaratnalu Scheme. Under this scheme, The State Government will provide financial assistance to the farmers to provide pension timely to improve the health sector and to provide housing facilities. The Scheme has been launched for the welfare of the people.

There are some benefits with this scheme. It promotes education and it also encourages students towards studies. The citizens of the state will get free medical treatment; The Senior citizens will get pensions. The poor people will get help for their construction of the house. Telugu News Portal will give you full AP Schemes list, go and check details.

Let us get into the details of the YSR Navaratnalu Scheme:

List of Governemtn Schemes in Navaratnalu.

  1. RythuBharosa:

The RythuBharosa scheme by YSRCP has agreed to offer Rs 50,000 financial support to the state farmers. Each farmer family would be provided with Rs 12,500 per year, In Addition to the Zero-Interest loans and free bore wells. The Cold Storage and Food Stores in every constituency are also assured to the farmers.

2) Aarogya Sri:

We have been quite familiar with the Aarogya Sri Scheme, It has been in works from many years. The Aarogya Sri Scheme is to provide quality and free health care to families of the state. The AP Government has assured to provide free medical treatment above the amount of Rs 1,000 to patients. The Scheme issues health coverage both for urban and rural poor of the AP State. The Medical Expenses will be covered for up to Rs 5 Lakh by the Government.

3) AmmaVodi:

AmmaVodi scheme is developed in a view of providing support to the families with school going children. The AP Government contributes support of Rs 15,000 towards assistance to all the parents who send their children to school. This scheme will improve the educational sector of the state.

4) Asara:

YSR Asara Scheme is developed to provide financial support to the women who are running co-operative societies. The Government will waive off the loans and provide them with a Zero Percent Interest loan. Under this scheme, The women whose age is more than 45 years and belonging to SC, ST, BC and Minority communities are eligible for this scheme.

5) YSR Housing:

YSR Housing or PedhalandarikiIllu scheme is developed to provide the houses to the poor people. Under this scheme, The AP Government has agreed to provide financial help to the weaker sections for the construction of the house. In the next term itself, The Government has agreed to build more than 25 Lakh Houses for the poor.

6) Pension Scheme:

Under this Pesion Scheme, The AP Government will provide the pension to the state citizen whose age is more than 60 years. The Applicants will receive the monthly pension amount in their bank account directly. The Pension Amount is Rs 2,000/- and for the physically challenged people the pension is Rs 3,000/- As per some sources, there is an higher chance of increasing the pension amount.

So this is all about YSR Navaratnalu Scheme and its details. The applicant must submit identity proof like PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Address proof, Income Certificate, Below Poverty Line Certificate, Bank Account Passbook, and others. We will get back to you with more details.

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